The WRAP Story


ISBN: 978-0-9795560
Size: 6 3/4" x 9 3/4"
Pages: 211

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For years I heard stories about how WRAP, and the values and ethics that have evolved from it, have affected, transformed and even saved people's lives. WRAP facilitators and administrators have reported how their agencies, mental health systems, and even their own lives, have been changed and improved by incorporating WRAP. This is a book of some of those stories. I gathered stories from people who are using WRAP, WRAP group facilitators, people who are using WRAP in their organizations and people who are using WRAP to change the mental health system. The stories in this book also show the transformative power of WRAP outside the United States, in countries and cultures with varied practices and beliefs about mental health. This book is not all-inclusive. There are hundreds of thousands of other WRAP stories waiting to be told. But I hope the eighty-two stories in this book will further convince you of the power and effectiveness of this simple tool, designed and developed by those of us who experience mental health difficulties. This is a book of some of those stories.                                                                                                             Mary Ellen Copeland