WRAP & Peer Support Handbook


ISBN 978-098965176-9
Size 6 3/4" x 9 3/4"
192 Pages
2016 by Mary Ellen Copeland

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This book is a compilation of information on WRAP and on Peer Support. It describes how these two strategies, which many people think are the gold standard for recovery, wellness and well being, can be enhanced by using them together.

WRAP has been a Peer Support initiative from its beginning. The focus of this book will be on how to effectively use the two togetheróWRAP and Peer Support. To get the information for this book, I have collaborated with people everywhere, people with lived experience who have responded to my queries, people who use Wrap, Wrap Group Facilitators, Advanced Level Wrap Facilitators and people who have studied, use and understand the value of peer support.

It is my hope that this book will be useful to anyone: to a person who has never heard of either of these strategies, to people who know about and have used either or both of these strategies, for people who facilitate WRAP Groups and for people who arrange and implement mental health and whole health training, programs, seminars, workshops and groups.

Ever since I began studying how people who have mental health issues get well and stay well, learning from people with lived experience, I have been searching for ways to stop the human rights violations that are rampant throughout the mental health system worldwide. It has been a frustrating and daunting task. I have come to believe that the best way each one of us can protect ourselves from this inhumanity is to keep ourselves out of the system. And I believe that our best option for doing that is to consciously use WRAP and Peer Support every day.

Mary Ellen Copeland PhD