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The Wellness Recovery Action Plan, or WRAP, is a simple wellness process that anybody can use to address a variety of physical, mental health, and life issues—to help you achieve your wellness your way. As an evidence-based practice, WRAP peer-group intervention has been shown to increase hopefulness, improve quality of life, increase people's ability to self-advocate, increase feelings of empowerment, reduce the need to use health care services over time, and improve recovery outcomes. This DVD will help you:
  • Develop your own list of activities for managing your everyday well-being
  • Track triggering events and early warning signs; prepare your personal responses for when you are not feeling well or are having a hard time
  • Create a plan for your supporters to care for you if necessary


Who this Item is for

WRAP is for anyone, any time. It’s used by people in all kinds of circumstances and by health care and mental health systems all over the world. If you want to improve wellness and feel empowered in any of these areas, this DVD is for you:
  • Mental health
  • Substance use and addictions
  • Physical health conditions
  • Lifestyle issues

Special Features

  • Complement to the flagship WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Plan
  • For use individually or with a group

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