WRAP for Life


ISBN: 978-0-9896517-2-1
Size 8.5 x 11
216 Pages
2014 by Mary Ellen Copeland
Published by Peach Press Dummerston, Vermont

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Feel Better, Get Well, and Stay Well for LIFE

Who can benefit from using WRAP? Anyone who wants to address or recover from any illness, condition, circumstance, or issue that is interfering with their quality of life. You can use it to keep yourself well, to prevent the onset of illness, or to break ineffective, troublesome and dangerous habits.

WRAP is complementary to, and not necessarily a replacement for other wellness and health care programs or treatments. It is a safe and prudent addition to any chosen course of treatment. WRAP for Life will help you recognize those subtle changes or signs that tell you things might be getting worse and that you need to take action.

WRAP is a self-determined plan, widely used all over the world both as a preventive strategy and as a way to address all kinds of both mental health and life issues. WRAP for Life reflects the changes in use that have happened over time as people have discovered the value of this simple, yet effective practice. This book includes sample Wellness Recovery Action Plans designed to address specific issues such as smoking cessation, weight gain or loss, suicidal thinking, aging, diabetes and clutter. WRAP for Life teaches you how to adapt WRAP for any specific issues that you wish to address.

WRAP for Life can serve as your day-to-day guide for working on personal issues like raising your self-esteem and self-confidence, developing a strong support system, enhancing your relationships with family members and friends, making new friends, learning to be more assertive, increasing your career or vocational competencies, and enriching your life. It is used to help address issues related to "whole" health. WRAP WORKS!

WRAP has been shown to:

 • Increase hopefulness 

 • Improve quality of life

 • Increase people's ability to self-advocate 

 • Increase feelings of empowerment

 • Reduce the need to use health care services over time

 • Improve recovery outcomes

Use Wrap for Life and take control with your own self-determined action plans that will help you feel better, get well, and stay well for life.

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