WRAP for People with Developmental Distinctions


Size 7 x 10
68 Pages
2014 by Mary Ellen Copeland
Published by Peach Press Dummerston, Vermont

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A WRAP Workbook for People with Developmental Distinctions is for adults who have their own unique way of learning and or communicating. The workbook is designed to guide a person through a process to develop his or her own plan to live a happier and healthier life.

WRAP Spread 300w.jpgThe book is used as a guide to support a person in order to reach a self-identified life goal. This book was written with the assistance of four experts by experience, Rachel, Nikki, Sue and Christopher. The book guides you through the process of creating a WRAP. The examples are real life and shows how each of them is living WRAP in his or her life.

Developing a WRAP is always a voluntary process. Each individual must decide for him or her self if they want to develop a WRAP, when they will do it, what will be in it and how they will use it. The person whose plan it is decides whom they want to share it with, if anyone. This workbook can be used by a person working on their own, working with another person of their choice, or in a small group setting, depending on the person’s preference. But always it is the individual’s personal plan.

“Developing and living my WRAP shifted my focus to what’s strong: What are my strengths, talents and abilities? …using my strengths, talents and abilities to create the life I want for myself, even with the obstacles that I face.” Gina Calhoun