The Worry Control Workbook


ISBN 0-9631366-6-6
Size 6 3/4" x 9 3/4"
274 Pages
2003 by Mary Ellen Copeland
Published by Peach Press Dummerston, Vermont

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The Worry Control Workbook is a resource for adults and older teens who are troubled with intrusive worry and the people who care about and support them, including care providers. It can be used as a guide for groups. While most people prefer to have their own copy, copies for care providers and libraries will make this book accessible to more people who will benefit from its use. This book is filled with case histories and suggested action plans.

Is worry taking up too much of your time and energy? Or is constant worry literally making you sick?

A little worry can actually serve a variety of positive functions, as it does when it helps us identify real problems or motivates us to take some needed action. But for some, worry is a problem, leading to difficulty sleeping, muscle tension, headaches, and other physical complaints. Others feel perpetually tired, have trouble concentrating, or suffer from depression.

The good news is that you can learn to reduce your anxiety and deal with worry more effectively. The Worry Control Workbook is a supportive and comprehensive guide offering real help to anyone struggling with excessive concerns about issues like the world situation, health, money, family or work.