Build your WRAP Step by Step with Mary Ellen Copeland - Audio Download


9 mp3 Audio Files - 60 minutes

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Do you need help starting to build your WRAP? Well, this audio download is perfect for you! Mary Ellen Copeland, author of Wellness Recovery Action Plan, WRAP Plus and WRAP for Life, and more, will help you along the journey of creating your WRAP.

This is a downloadable program that will take the listeners step by step through the process of building their own WRAP. Mary Ellen goes over all the steps, one by one with plenty of examples. She will help anyone get over the hesitation of building their WRAP and get on the road to wellness.

This audio program is designed for use by teens or adults and is especially useful for people who learn best through listening, those who have vision difficulties, or individuals who prefer an audio presentation.

Included in the download are all the WRAP forms you will need to build your own WRAP notebook. The plan can also be created with the WRAP APP, the WRAP Workbook, or in the Build Your Own Wrap Course, which are all available in our bookstore at

WRAP is for Life!

How to Access/Use This Program
Please note: This product is a digital download. The files have to be accessed and downloaded from a personal computer. You cannot download the file directly onto a smartphone or tablet because these devices do not support unzipping software. You must access it from a computer and then transfer the files to your mobile device.

The zip file containing the audio tracks is 61 megabytes, so depending on your connection speed it can take a few minutes to download.


Also available as an Audio CD