My WRAP Crisis Plan

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My WRAP Crisis Plan is a pocket-size way to keep your Crisis Plan in your purse, wallet or pocket.

This colorful brochure offers a very convenient way to carry your WRAP Crisis Plan with you. In the event of a crisis, it's easy to share it with supporters and care providers.

My WRAP Crisis Plan includes a complete overview of your Crisis Plan and includes all the parts of the Crisis Plan:

    •    What I am Like when I am Feeling Well
    •    Indicators that I Need Assistance from Others
    •    Who Takes Over and Who Doesn’t
    •    Medications I am currently taking and those that might help and those that don’t
    •    Treatments that help and those that should be avoided
    •    Home/Community/Respite care plan
    •    Acceptable and unacceptable treatment facilities
    •    Things that others can do that would help, and things that won’t help
    •    Chores that need to be taken care of
    •    When the Plan is no longer needed.

"Having my plan with me instructs others on how to provide me with care and support when I am having a very difficult time (crisis), a time when I can no longer care for myself and make good decisions in my own behalf."

My WRAP Crisis Plan is available for purchase singly and in quantity .

Also available in Spanish