The Loneliness Workbook


ISBN 0-9795560-0-5
Size 6 3/4" x 9 3/4"
194 Pages
2007 by Mary Ellen Copeland
Published by Peach Press, Inc

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Loneliness is hard for almost everyone. In this book Mary Ellen covers this important topic in depth and describes how to develop and keep a strong support system. She focuses on the importance of personal responsibility, enjoying time alone, support groups and building networks of support. In addition she has addressed many issues that make it difficult for people to make and keep friends. As with her other books, Mary Ellen's research was the foundation for The Loneliness Workbook; it was the result of a study of nearly 100 people to find out how they relieve loneliness in their lives.

This book is designed for use by those who are working on issues related to loneliness, and for their family members and care providers. While most prefer to have their own copy, it can be used as a guide for groups, making it accessible so that more people can benefit. The Loneliness Workbook also includes a guide for developing and sustaining support groups.

"Loneliness is pervasive in our fast-paced culture. Since people tend to increase their sense of emotional distress when they are disconnected from others, the effects of loneliness are a serious problem. This excellent book takes a hands-on approach to relieving loneliness and offers people hope that relationships are a path to healing and growth."

                                                                                           Shery Mead, MSW
                                                              Founder of the Stepping Stone Peer Support Center