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Living WRAP is an updated version of the popular Coping with Depression video with Mary Ellen Copeland. 

In Part 1 of Living WRAP, Mary Ellen Copeland takes us step by step through the key concepts of Recovery and WRAP . As we watch her facilitate an actual WRAP group, we also are treated to a highly personal glimpse into her private life as she shares and shows us some of her diverse Wellness Tools.

Part 2 of Living WRAP contains historic footage from Coping with Depression,, the original video that was produced and directed by William Hood in 1991, about 6 years before WRAP was born. Here, a younger Mary Ellen Copeland tells the story of her past through family photos, and demonstrates her journey from a life struggling with mental health challenges to a life of wellness and recovery. In this compelling and intimate video you’ll see the progression of the work that led to WRAP as we know it today.

Mary Ellen presents a wealth of information on so many of the keys to recovery; diet , as she shops with her daughter and prepares a meal with her mother; exercise, as she whirs away on her bike; light, as she shows us her work space and her light box ; the importance of support groups as she facilitates one. Mary Ellen, with her colleagues, discuss medication, stress, and the importance of self advocacy.

Produced and directed and edited (off line by William J. Hood, Peregrine Productions Services). Videography of historic footage by Lamar Bloodworth.  Edited by IMR Films.

Color / 67 minutes