Guided Relaxation with Mary Ellen Copeland - Audio Download


14 minutes.

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This audio program led by Mary Ellen Copeland will help you relax any time you’re feeling nervous, tense or irritable, or just need ​a ​ “break” in your day.

Use ​this relaxation and stress reduction ​program as a way to feel bette​r. It is​ a great addition to your Wellness Toolbox.

Mary Ellen personally guides you through a full-body relaxation exercise accompanied by a soothing ​music. ​Her guided imagery technique uses your imagination to direct your focus in a way that is both relaxing and healing.

The recording can be played on any computer, mp3 player, smartphone or tablet.

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How to Access/Use This Program
Please note: This product is a digital download. The file has to be accessed and downloaded from a personal computer. You cannot download the file directly onto a smartphone or tablet because these devices do not support unzipping software. You must access it from a computer and then transfer the files to your mobile device.