Family WRAP


ISBN# 9780984832675
Size 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"
103 pages
2013 by Mary Ellen Copeland
Published by Peach Press Dummerston, Vermont

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“Families may have had difficult times working together for a long time. Sometimes difficulties are handed down, just like antiques, from generation to generation. I often hear people say they have mental health difficulties because it "runs in their family." From interviewing many, many people, I have come to believe that, rather than having a biological basis, these issues are learned and we "unlearn" them. Old habits are often hard to break, but it can be done.”                                                    Mary Ellen Copeland from Family WRAP

As individuals around the world have used WRAP for identifying what they need for every day wellness, in addition to planning for things that might make living well difficult, it’s natural that WRAP began to evolve into their family life. Developing skills and tools from a personal WRAP helps make family living better for everyone in the family.

Family WRAP helps each member contribute to plans that the family will use to improve day to day interactions, meet daily challenges and promote mutual cooperation.

This book is full of Wellness Tools, suggested by families who use WRAP to help make their family life what they want it to be.

Some Wellness Tools examples from Family WRAP:

• Celebrate Special Events. "We have a party for the kids’ Adoption Day. They still look forward to coming down in the morning and finding balloons tied to their chairs."
• Have a central White Board – A place to share notes every day to connect family members with each other.
• Allow for "averageness" and "mistakes" to happen without a dramatic response.

Also, included in Family WRAP are special sections for single parent families, setting limits, establishing boundaries, plans for protecting children in a family crisis, and methods for maintaining good family communication.