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This three-part series, based on a workshop with WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Plan author Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD, presents simple, effective, and non-invasive self-help strategies for anyone dealing with emotional, behavioral, or psychological challenges. This workshop provides useful information on getting well and staying well. It is invaluable for in-service trainings and for self-help and support groups.

Session 1—Key Concepts for Mental Health offers an introduction to the underlying principles of Mary Ellen Copeland's recovery model. Lively and insightful discussions include the topics of hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy, support, health care, and managing medication use. (52 minutes)

Session 2—The Wellness Toolbox introduces the concept of Wellness Tools—simple actions that anyone can use to feel better and stay well. Participants discuss with Mary Ellen how to create a personal “Toolbox” for their own use in times of stress or when they are feeling badly. The workshop is organized into various topics, including reaching out for support, peer counseling, focusing, relaxation, stress reduction, and journaling. (28 minutes)

Session 3—Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) provides a simple system for monitoring and managing mental health difficulties. In this session, Mary Ellen discusses with the group the steps for developing a WRAP. Participants both learn and share personal strategies for dealing with daily maintenance issues, triggering events, early warning signs, when things are breaking down, and crisis and post-crisis issues. (32 minutes)


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This DVD is for use by individuals, agencies, organizations, classes, and libraries.

Special Features

  • For ease of use, the workshop may be viewed in its entirety without interruption, or each session and even each topic may be viewed individually

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